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Zak has learned about the mental-health issues Belle had whilst he was in Scotland and he feels awful for not being there for her. Belle assures her dad she's fine now. Afterward, an overjoyed Mandy announces her and Paul's engagement. Zak is happy for them. Tracy is still feeling insecure about her relationship with Nate. Charles and Amelia discover Harriet has spent the night in the church. After Amelia goes off to school, Charles asks Harriet how he can help her but Harriet tells him to save his prayers as she's a lost cause. Liv notices Vinny's acting oddly so questions what's wrong. Vinny reveals Paul is gambling again and states he wishes his father never came back, unaware Paul has overheard the conversation. Over a cup of tea, Harriet tells Charles that things are difficult at home so she decided to remove herself from a toxic situation of her own making. Charles thinks Harriet is being harsh on herself. Amelia asks Dan if Harriet can stay in their spare room. Whilst Tracy puts out the bin, she gets talking to Dan and learns Nate isn't working at the garage like he told her he was. Moments later, Tracy spots Nate and Moira running into the B&B. Priya discovers Al's laptop unattended and manages to guess his password. Mandy's on cloud-nine due to the engagement but she's soon brought back down to Earth with a bump when Paul appears in the salon and tells her he can't give her her happy ever after as he's still gambling. Mandy can't believe what she's hearing. She demands to know how long it's been going on for and how much money he's lost. She's disgusted to realise Paul got the money for the salon by gambling. A furious Tracy confronts Moira and Nate and rips into them for cheating. She feels awful when she learns Nate, Moira and Eric where actually planning a surprise for her. Liv urges Vinny to tell Mandy about Paul's gambling. As the pair walk up Main Street, they witness a furious Mandy throwing Paul out of the salon. Mandy soon realises Vinny and Liv knew Paul was gambling again and can't believe they kept it from her. Vinny explains he didn't want to make things any worse. Dan offers Harriet the spare room at Dale View. Priya informs Debbie she's managed to get into Al's laptop. Debbie instructs Priya to clear Al's bank accounts but Priya has a better plan. Kim is still determined to get revenge on Cain so instructs Mackenzie to steal more cars from the garage. Tracy profusely apologises to Nate for doubting him. Nate doesn't know what more he can do to prove himself and tells Tracy their relationship isn't going to work if she can't trust him. Mandy apologises to Vinny for shouting at him earlier. She tells Vinny that Paul is lost in his addiction and all the things they loved about him are gone and they're never getting him back so it's just the two of them now.


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