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Still reeling from Paul's confession yesterday, a furious Mandy throws out all of his belongings as she's determined to rid her life of her lying ex-fiancé. At Home Farm, Mackenzie updates Kim on the plan to get revenge on Cain but Kim just wants the job done. Tracy feels awful for doubting Nate yesterday; Moira urges Tracy not to be so hard on herself before making it clear she and Nate are history. After spending the night at the scrapyard, Paul tries to get Liv onside, hoping that as a fellow addict, she'll help him work things out with Vinny and Mandy. Mandy refuses to give Paul another chance and orders him not to bother coming back. Aaron spots Mackenzie skulking about outside the garage but assumes he's waiting for Cain. Connor pays Paul another visit and again demands his money. When Paul explains he doesn't have it, Connor reminds him what's going to happen if he doesn't come up with the money soon but Paul isn't bothered by Connor's threats as his family already know everything. Nate returns to Tug Ghyll where a hormonal Tracy apologises for jumping to the worst conclusion. She begs Nate to pretend this never happened but Nate can't forget. Cain and Dan discover the garage has been broken into again and another car has been stolen. Cain realises this is a message and someone is trying to destroy his business. Vinny receives a call from Hotten General Hospital informing him Paul has been rushed to A&E after being beaten up. Dawn and Will meet with social worker Eloise to discuss Lucas coming home. Eloise explains the assessment team should have a decision by Monday, but for her part, she's happy with what she's seen. Mandy believes Paul has deliberately gotten himself attacked to garner sympathy but agrees to accompany a worried Vinny to the hospital anyway. Mackenzie returns to Home Farm and informs Kim he's done as she's asked. Kim reminds Mackenzie that Moira will end up caught up in the plan to ruin Cain and questions if he'll be able to stand by and watch his sister suffer. Mackenzie states all he cares about is what he gets at the end of this and promises Kim he won't let her down. Vinny and Mandy visit Paul in the hospital. Cain manages to put the owner of the stolen car off collecting their car for a few days whilst he figures out who's out to get him. A cocky Mackenzie saunters past and makes a comment about the garage. Afterward, Aaron reveals Mackenzie was hanging around the garage earlier. Cain puts two and two together and realises Mackenzie is behind the car thefts. He comments Mackenzie has just made the biggest mistake of his life.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Connor Cooper - Danny Cummingham
  • Eloise - Katrina Bryan


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