At the garage, Cain, Aaron and Dan deal with the trouble the stolen car has caused. Kim watches the scene unfold with glee. Eric pulls up outside the garage and asks to have his car serviced. After Eric walks off, Aaron suggests they use Eric's car as bait to catch Mackenzie red-handed. At the same time, Kim phones Mackenzie and instructs him to steal Eric's car. The swelling on Paul's brain has reduced overnight so he'll make a full recovery. A heavily pregnant Tracy doubles over in pain whilst picking up groceries in David's Shop. Amy concludes she's in labour. Moira is surprised to find Cain and Aaron in the farmhouse kitchen as she expected them to be dealing with the stolen car. Cain assures Moira they're sorting it. Moira wants to know how exactly so Cain is forced to reveal its Mackenzie who's been stealing the cars. In the shop, Matty desperately tries to get hold of Nate whilst Amy phones the midwife. Debbie and Priya meet in the café where Priya informs Debbie she's made the first bank transfer but it's clear she's having second thoughts about ruining Al's life. Cain explains to Moira that they've messed with the brakes on Eric's car and left it out as bait. Moira can't believe Cain and Aaron have been so stupid and orders them to put a stop to it before someone gets hurt. Meanwhile, Eric's car speeds out of the village. Having just witnessed Eric's car speed off, Dan is shocked to see Mackenzie walking up Main Street. He, Cain, and Aaron panic when Brenda reveals Eric has taken his car to drive Tracy to the hospital as she's in labour. A doctor informs Paul and Vinny that Paul should be released from hospital in a few hours but Paul has nowhere to go to rest and recuperate. He uses this to guilt trip Vinny into talking to Mandy about letting him stay at Wishing Well Cottage. Priya's guilt at destroying Al's life is heightened when Al shows Priya the listing of a cottage he's decided to buy for them and Amba. Cain chases after Eric and Tracy hoping to catch up with them before the brakes cause an accident. Vinny hopes Mandy will take Paul in as he can't see him out on the street. Dawn is hostile towards Harriet when the vicar approaches her in the café. As Eric speeds along a country road, he discovers his brakes aren't working. In a panic, he grabs the handbrake which causes the car to go skidding off the road. Mandy pays Paul a visit and informs him she's pre-paid a cheap hotel for him for a week. Paul agrees to move out for a few days but refuses to give up on their relationship, insisting they'll get through this. Mandy is adamant that's not happening this time then produces a one-way ticket to London. Cain comes upon the scene of Eric and Tracy's accident. Eric's car is surrounded by a police car and an ambulance...


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