At the scene of the accident, a horrified Cain asks a police officer about Eric and Tracy but the police officer can't divulge anything. Paul tells Mandy he can't leave as she and Vinny are his world. He begs a teary Mandy not to throw away all they had before pleading for one last chance. Victoria encourages Amy to ask Matty out but Amy's unsure. Mackenzie realises Cain and Aaron tampered with Eric's car and that's why they were so worried when they realised he wasn't the one behind the wheel. Aaron reveals the car came of the road and Eric and Tracy have been taken to hospital. Afterward, Aaron and Mackenzie inform Nate about the accident and Mackenzie offers to drive Nate to the hospital. Priya looks over the listing for Holly Cottage; Al states it's the sort of place he can see them growing old then tells Priya he loves her. Mandy returns to Wishing Well Cottage with Paul in tow as she's agreed to let him stay until he gets back on his feet. Paul promises Mandy and Vinny he's going to change but Mandy is highly doubtful so she empties the family pot to remove any temptation. At the hospital, Cain desperately tries to get an update on Tracy without any luck. When Mackenzie arrives, he and Cain exchange words. Nate overhears their conversation which leads him to question if Mackenzie messed with the car. Cain admits it was him - he caused the accident. As Cain and Mackenzie recount the circumstances that lead to the accident, a nurse approaches and informs Nate of Tracy's whereabouts. Nate is relieved to find that Tracy, the baby, and Eric all are fine and Tracy isn't in labour. Victoria decides to play matchmaker between Amy and Matty and enlists Luke to help. Cain asks Nate if he's going to tell Tracy about his role in the accident. Nate isn't but orders Cain to settle things with Mackenzie before things get further out of hand. Meanwhile at the farm, Moira lectures Mackenzie about stealing the cars and trying to ruin Cain's business. Moira knows Kim is involved somehow and orders Mackenzie to wise up, warning him he has no idea of what Kim's capable of. Mackenzie insists he can take care of himself but Moira makes it clear to her brother that he's no match for Kim. Later, Mackenzie approaches Kim in the pub and informs her he's done with the garage and he's done with her. Kim assumes Mackenzie's sudden change of heart is about money and suggests they talk. Mackenzie refuses, insisting he's nobody's lackey. He reminds Kim he's got enough dirt on her to finish her one and for all then walks off. Priya calls in past Jacobs Fold and informs Debbie she's having second thoughts about ruining Al. Debbie cannot believe what she's hearing. She orders Priya to get a grip and stick to the plan but Priya is unsure she can as she still loves Al. Kim calls by the farm and gives Moira a still of CCTV footage showing Mackenzie breaking into Home Farm alongside Charity. She informs Moira that with everything she has on Mackenzie, her brother is facing a lengthy prison sentence.


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  • A police officer and a nurse are both uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
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