Victoria puts her plan to play cupid between Amy and Matty into action by suggesting to Amy that they hold a lock-in at the Hide. Al surprises Priya with an expensive bunch of flowers and a lunch reservation in Harrogate. Ethan wants to get to know the Emmerdale locals a bit better so wrangles himself an invite to the Hide lock-in. Al cancels his plans with Priya after receiving a voicemail from Debbie stating she's free all afternoon. Moira shows Mackenzie the still from the CCTV footage of the robbery. Mackenzie wonders if Kim has gone to the police yet but Moira doesn't think so as they would've there by now if she had. Afterward, Mackenzie informs Moira that Kim really has it in for Cain; she wants to run the garage into the ground, buy it cheap, and then build something there. Moira demands Mackenzie tell her everything Kim has been up to. Amy realises Victoria and Luke are attempting to set her and Matty up. Moira lets herself into Home Farm and confronts Kim. Moira orders Kim to end the grudge against her family but as far as Kim is concerned, it's barely even begun. Ethan arrives at the Hide and Amy introduces him to Matty, Victoria and Luke although it soon becomes clear Ethan and Luke already know each other. Whilst everyone else is out of earshot, Luke tells Ethan that a lot has changed since he last saw him and requests they pretend that they've never met. Al sneaks off to meet Debbie in a deserted barn. As they sit on bales of hay, Debbie asks Al if what they have is more than just sex. Al tells Debbie she's his world and he couldn't love her more, unaware Debbie is recording the conversation. Amy doesn't think Matty is interested in her so Victoria advises her to throw herself at Ethan to see how Matty reacts. Ethan figures out what Amy's up to so agrees to help her out. Moira informs Mackenzie she's spoken to Kim and she said he's only at the farm because that where she wants him. When Mackenzie states that's a lie, Moira tells her brother he has a home at the farm for as long as he wants but begs him not to betray her. Mackenzie promises he won't go near Kim again. Amy approaches a jealous Matty and tells him she likes him and she was only flirting with Ethan to see if he felt the same. Matty is delighted that Amy likes him back then the pair scurry off the supply cupboard to kiss in private. Ethan is surprised to learn Victoria and Luke are in a relationship. At Jacobs Fold, Debbie plays Priya the recording of the conversation she and Al had in the barn. Priya feels like an idiot as deep down she believed Al loved her and his relationship with Debbie was a blip. Debbie and Priya resolve to get their revenge on Al as soon as possible. Priya states everything will be in place tomorrow to blow his miserable little life to pieces; she can't wait to see the look on his face when he realises he's lost everything. Outside the HOP, Luke tells Ethan he's with Victoria now and they're happy. When Ethan promises Luke won't out him to Victoria, Luke protests he's not gay or bi - Stephen was a one-time thing - then orders Ethan to stay away from him.


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