Priya puts the remainder of her and Debbie's plan to get revenge on Al into place by instructing Al to go to the bank and withdraw all the money from their wedding savings account. Luke is short with Victoria. In the café, Debbie tells Al she's considering returning to Scotland. Al encourages Debbie to go for it, and even offers to help her pack. Afterward, Debbie arranges to meet Al in the barn they met up in yesterday. Dawn nervously waits for news on social services' decision about whether Lucas can come home. Moira and Mackenzie have a run in with Kim in the café where Kim warns Mackenzie that his good times are coming to an end. Al hands Priya an envelope containing the cash he withdrew from their savings account. Mackenzie wonders if he should leave to make Moira's life easier as it's him who Kim hates. Mackenzie leaving is the last thing Moira wants. She encourages her brother to stay and fight like she has. In the pub, Priya informs Kim there's inconsistencies in the HOP bank accounts. At the same time, Al meets Debbie at the barn where Debbie suggests they get married. A stunned Al immediately says no but quickly backtracks. When Debbie asks him if can he think of a reason they shouldn't get married, Al states he can't. At that moment, Priya emerges and confronts Al. Al tries to talk his way out of trouble but Priya and Debbie aren't having any of it. Ethan informs Charles he has a job interview tomorrow before revealing his landlord wants him out. Charles mentions Aaron has a flat to rent and also suggests Rhona could accommodate him at Smithy Cottage if it comes to it. Priya and Debbie question how Al thought he would get away with seeing both of them. Al tries to turn it on them by accusing them of acting childish for conspiring against him rather than just confronting him. Priya tells Al they're both desperate for him to be out of their lives. Al states he's well shot of them but Priya and Debbie make it clear they're just getting started. They vow to ruin his life. Dawn receives a call from social services informing her Lucas is refusing to come home. Ethan follows Luke out to the beer garden and soon the subject of Luke's sexuality is brought up. Luke protests he's a straight man but Ethan doesn't believe him as he was with Stephen for months. At the Hide, a furious Kim confronts Al about embezzling money from the HOP bank account. Al doesn't have a clue what Kim's talking about but quickly works out this is all part of Priya and Debbie's plot to get revenge on him.


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