Al has spent the night in his car. Meanwhile at Holdgate Farm, Priya cuts up his clothes. Afterward, Priya informs Jai that Al has stolen money from the HOP. Jai can't believe Al cheated on his sister and stole from his business whilst living under his roof. He assures Priya that Al will get what's coming to him. Amy gossips to Victoria about the Al, Priya and Debbie situation. When Ellis approaches asking if Amy's seen Al, Amy is forced to inform his about Al's affair. After learning about Debbie's relationship with Al, Sarah tells her mother she has the worst taste in men ever. Mandy has installed a tracker on Paul's phone and has also arranges for his wages to be paid directly to her to prevent him from gambling. Ellis confronts Al about the affair and questions how he could do that to Priya. Al tries to explain how Priya and Debbie have set him up and made it look like he's stealing from the HOP but Ellis doesn't believe a word. He tells his father he's a liar and a cheat and he doesn't want anything to do with him. Luke invites Victoria out to dinner in front of Ethan in an attempt to prove to Ethan that he's straight. Kim challenges Al about the missing money. Al continues to protest he's been set-up but Kim doesn't believe Priya's smart enough to engineer such a plot so she fires Al. Dawn is heartbroken that Lucas doesn't want to come home and blames Harriet. Al confronts Priya about stitching him up but Priya plays innocent, leaving Al enraged. After Al walks off, Kim warns Priya that if she finds out she played a part in the theft, she'll see that she pays for it. Al heads straight down to the village to have it out with Debbie. Debbie tells Al he doesn't get to treat people the way he has without consequences. Al vows he's going to prove she and Debbie are behind the theft but Debbie isn't intimidated. As a final parting shot, Al tells Debbie that no one is ever going to love her, unaware Cain is watching the interaction. Charles informs Harriet he's meeting with the Bishop tomorrow to discuss how she's getting on. Harriet concludes she's going to be found unfit so decides to walk away from St. Mary's and leave the parish in Charles' capable hands. Al returns to his car to find Cain waiting for him. Al labels Debbie a cold, miserable little bitch who isn't even good in bed. Ellis overhears Al's remarks and is disgusted with his father. Cain orders Al to conclude whatever business he has around here then leave the area and not come back, as if he sees him around here again, he's a dead man.


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