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Al makes arrangements to catch the ferry to Belfast this afternoon. Before Al can tell Ellis of his plans, Billy gets in there first. At the HOP, Kim has a go at Jamie and Dawn for not noticing Al was stealing money right under their noses. After praying for guidance, Charles tries to persuade Harriet not to quit the church but Harriet is adamant that walking away is best for both her and the church. In the café, Billy urges an upset Ellis not to let Al win. A worked-up Al approaches and tells Ellis he was just about to tell him about Belfast when Billy jumped in and told him first. Dawn can't concentrate at work as she feels guilty about thinking about anything other than Lucas. Back at Tall Trees Cottage, Ellis and Billy quarrel about Al. A worked-up Ellis tells Billy that at the moment he prefers Al to him, as at least his father hasn't got him stabbed. After realising April has overheard their argument, Ellis tells her he only blamed Billy for his stabbing to hurt him. When April reminds Ellis he only has one brother, Ellis loses it with her and tells her she's not wanted here. At that moment, Marlon returns home and questions what Ellis is playing at. Ellis feels awful for what he's said to April and assures Marlon he's never spoke to April like that before. Marlon asks Ellis if he wishes Al wasn't leaving. Ellis states he wishes he never came in the first place. Dawn is in a state about Lucas. Moira assures her things will get better. Afterward, Harriet informs Dawn she's handed in her notice, so now she can devote all her time to her. That's the last thing Dawn wants. She hits out at Harriet and Moira then storms out. As Al packs all his belongings in his car, Chas offers him a pie. Whilst Chas gets the pastry, Marlon has a go at Al for abandoning Ellis, warning the other man that by the time he returns, it could be too late to salvage his relationship with his son. Debbie isn't best pleased to witness Chas and Marlon talking to Al. A concerned Moira pays Charles a visit to discuss about Harriet's plans to resign; she's adamant Harriet shouldn't be making decisions like this when she's in such a bad place. Marlon defends himself to Debbie, insisting he can talk to who he likes. Debbie isn't won around by his argument. She tells him and Chas that she needs Al gone and they are just going to have to support her. Al explains to Ellis he has to go as there's no work for him here. Once Ellis has walked off, a worked-up Debbie approaches Al and tells him he's dead inside and that Marlon is more of a dad to Ellis than he is. Al knows that. He apologises to Debbie for hurting her and tells her she's won. Afterward, Al gets in his car and drives away from the village.


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