Harriet receives a call from Bishop Grey and realises Charles hasn't told the Bishop about her resignation. Ellis decides to text Al to check up on him. Billy questions why he's bothered, telling his brother he's better off without Al. Outside the pub, Harriet confronts Charles about not informing the Bishop about her resignation. As they are talking, Manpreet rounds the corner and stops dead in her tracks when she spots Charles. When Charles looks up and sees Manpreet, he also freezes. It's Jai and Laurel's first counselling session tomorrow but Laurel makes excuses not to attend. Manpreet asks Rishi about the man she saw talking to Harriet in the village. When Rishi reveals that's the new vicar Charles, a panicked Manpreet feigns illness and then hurries off leaving Rishi perplexed. After some encouragement from Marlon, Billy apologises to Ellis sticking his nose in. At that moment, Al comes rattling back into the village and asks Ellis if they can talk. Cain is furious to learn Al's back in the village but Debbie's more concerned about Sarah as she thinks she's back in contact with Danny. Al explains to Ellis how he couldn't get on the ferry as he wants him in his life before begging Ellis for a chance to prove himself and be a dad to him. Manpreet heads to the church to speak to Charles. The first thing Charles says to her is he thought she was dead. Addressing her by the name "Saira", Charles asks Manpreet where she's been. Manpreet informs Charles her name isn't Saira. Charles can't comprehend why Manpreet would lie about her name as they were in a relationship for two years and were getting married. Manpreet explains it was to protect herself as she was already married. Charles cannot believe it. A disgusted Charles soon realises Manpreet isn't here to apologies for standing him up at the altar, but to beg him to keep quiet about their history. He tells Manpreet she broke his heart and she broken Ethan's too. Debbie manages to get her hands on Sarah's phone and confirms her daughter is back in contact with Danny. Priya is shocked when Al turns up at the HOP and tells her he couldn't leave her or Ellis. Manpreet and Charles discuss Manpreet's marriage. Charles doesn't understand why Manpreet wouldn't leave her husband whilst they were together if she would go on to divorce him anyway. He is left stunned when Manpreet reveals she had a five-year-old daughter who she was terrified of losing. Charles questions why she couldn't tell him all of this at the time. Manpreet states she was scared of losing him too. She couldn't give him up. She tried but she couldn't do it until the day of their wedding when she knew she had to. Manpreet inquires when Charles became a vicar, Charles explains that happened five years after she left. He was left in a dire financial situation because he lost his job in the city as he spent more time out searching for her than he did at the office. Jai rearranges the counselling session but Laurel again makes excuses not to attend. Debbie fills Cain and Charity in on the situation with Sarah and Danny. Debbie fears the consequences for Sarah's health if Danny influences her to start taking drugs so Charity calls someone and asks for their help. Al tries to sort things with Priya by telling her Debbie pursued him and it's her he loves. Manpreet asks Charles to keep quiet about their connection but Charles refuses to ask Ethan to lie. As the vicar recalls the impact Manpreet's disappearance had on his son, he becomes enraged and orders Manpreet to leave his church.


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