Manpreet chases after Charles and begs him not to say anything about their past, even offering to pay back the money he spent on their wedding to buy his silence. Meena witnesses their confrontation, so after Charles storms off, she asks Manpreet who that was. Manpreet claims it was a patient but Meena knows she's lying. Al begs Priya to give him another chance, insisting he'll do anything to prove his love for her, but Priya can no longer trust him. After receiving a call from Charity, Moira seeks out Sarah to talk to her about drugs. When Sarah comments she doesn't have long to live so she may as well enjoy herself, an unimpressed Moira orders the teen to come with her. Charles finds Ethan in the café and breaks the news to him that he just saw Saira. Ethan cannot believe it. Jai tells Gabby about Laurel's reluctance to seek the help of a counsellor. Manpreet fills Meena in on her history with Charles. Meena is furious at the way Manpreet treated her for sleeping with her husband when all the while she had had a two-year long affair. Manpreet explains she resented that she had to give Charles up because of her husband, Dennis, then finding out Dennis had been sleeping with her sister made her feel like she had given Charles up for nothing. A disgusted Meena tells Manpreet that Charles didn't deserve her and neither does Rishi. Back at Smithy Cottage, Ethan encourages Charles to tell Rishi about Manpreet's secret. Charles isn't keen which leads Ethan to conclude his dad still has feeling for Manpreet. Gabby returns to Mulberry Cottage on her lunch break and encourages Laurel to participate in the counselling session with Jai. Laurel agrees. Rishi worries as he can't get hold of Manpreet. At Butlers Farm, an emotional Moira shows Sarah old photo albums of Holly then recounts Holly's spiral into drug addiction. Laurel informs Jai she's going to attend the counselling session after all. Manpreet runs into Rishi in Main Street and tells her husband she needs to talk to him, but before they can go somewhere private, Ethan storms over and confronts the woman he knew as "Saira", ordering her to tell Rishi the truth. Sarah returns to Jacobs Fold and declares she's done with Danny after speaking to Moira about Holly. Debbie and Cain are relieved. A furious Ethan tells Manpreet that he thought she was dead for fifteen years. Manpreet begs Ethan to let her tell Rishi the truth but Ethan refuses to allow Manpreet tell Rishi a sanitized version of events so instead he informs Rishi about Manpreet's past. Rishi thinks it's a joke but Ethan makes it clear that it's not. After Ethan and Charles walk off, Manpreet tells Rishi this doesn't matter to their relationship as it happened fifteen years ago, but Rishi reminds Manpreet she's still lying and questions how he can ever believe anything she says. Rishi orders Manpreet not to come home tonight then drives off leaving Manpreet standing alone.


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