Rishi is still in shock after yesterday's revelations. As Priya assures her father she's there for him, Manpreet appears and asks Rishi if they can talk. Jai and Laurel start their online counselling session. Al hasn't found a new job yet but is determined to find something local so he can stick around for Ellis. Jai and Laurel tell the counsellor about Laurel's alcoholism and how her accidentally having a drink triggered them to start talking. Jai admits that although the talk helped Laurel, it didn't help him but he wanted Laurel to get her head straight first as she was the one who went through the termination and he needed to be there for her. Jimmy gets a shock when Carl's mum Juliette appears in the café asking to see Carl. Jai opens up to the counsellor about his feelings towards the baby and how he has a photo of the sonogram on his phone that he still looks at, even hinting that he might want another child. Jai admits the whole situation made him feel powerless as all the decisions were Laurel's to make as it's her body. Jimmy questions why Juliette wants to see Carl now. Juliette reminds Jimmy he was only supposed to be a sperm donor but Jimmy counters by pointing out that she dumped Carl on him five-years-ago. Juliette protests she was in a bad place then, but things have changed and she wants to see Carl now. Jimmy refuses and orders Juliette to leave. Laurel is shocked by some of the things Jai has told the counsellor, so after the counselling session ends, she has it out with him but it soon descends into a shouting match in which Laurel tells Jai that if he wants another baby, he should find someone else. Jai hits back that if the baby was Ashley's she would've kept it. After things have calmed down, the pair apologise to each other for what they said in the heat of the moment. At Holdgate Farm, Rishi tells Manpreet that she should've told him about Charles when they got together. Manpreet explains she didn't want to bring up what her life was back then as it was too traumatic. Meanwhile at the church, Charles opens up to Harriet about his relationship with Manpreet and how her leaving him at the altar led his life to take a downward spiral that resulted in him becoming a vicar. Jimmy informs Nicola that Juliette is back and wants to see Carl. Laurel asks Jai to take the children tonight so she can have night alone. Jai, of course, agrees. Manpreet tells Rishi about her toxic marriage to Dennis. Then she met Charles and she liked the attention he paid her. It was only supposed to be for the night so she pretended to be someone else, but then things snowballed out of control and she couldn't stop it until the wedding. Rishi is unsure he can trust Manpreet now as this isn't the first time she's lied or kept secrets from him. Knowing his children think he's a pushover and is just going to forgive Manpreet, Rishi decides to ask Manpreet to move out permanently. Jai is hopeful that after today's chat, he and Laurel have turned a corner, unaware Laurel has purchased a bottle of vodka.


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