Joe passes his motorbike test, while Amos returns to York. Amy decides to sell the shop and gives Alison first refusal.


Joe has passed his motorbike test. Sam thinks that Joe should be thinking about moving out of Emmerdale Farm and into his own place with Carol, he suggests Hawthorn Cottage to Annie but she's shocked and tells him not to say anything to him. Carol is still thinking about going to teaching college. Henry has sorted it with Alison to do the farm accounts at her cottage. Jack passes on the news that the archaeologists are packing up; he's disappointed that everything they found will be taken away. Amos is back from York and Mick has left. Henry asks him about keeping the Bronze Age relics in The Woolpack. Andrew Watson, a chartered accountant comes for a drink, he announces he's just bought Rose Cottage. Jack calls on Charlie with an injured sheep. Alison and Henry return from church on Sunday morning. Joe is having lunch with Carol and Henry with Alison. Jack says he will be bringing a friend and they're shocked when he arrives with Charlie. Henry tells Alison that Amy has decided to sell the shop and Alison has first refusal. Matt calls around to Crossthwaites' wanting to see Alison. Charlie feels ill after his dinner; Jack calls the doctor. Matt explains to Alison he doesn't know what to do with Peggy's belongings. Henry broaches the subject of Hawthorn Cottage and what to do with it now. Matt suggests he moves in but Henry suggests letting it. Dr Scott examines Charlie; she thinks he just needs to rest. Jack worries about Charlie living on his own. Annie says that he has a son in Hotten who could look after him. Andrew talks to Jack in The Woolpack, he is sitting with a blonde woman who Jack assumes is his wife. He mentions he will only be using the cottage at weekends, but plans to ask Charlie to swap cottages. Jack's not impressed when Andrew hints at forcing him to move.


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