Charlie isolates himself from everyone except Jack, despite everyone trying to help him. Meanwhile, Matt tries to find a solution to his sheepdog problem.


Charlie has been looking after the injured sheep; he wakes up to find Jack feeding a baby rabbit. Jack discovers he has a sheepdog named Bruce. Dr. Scott calls; Charlie isn't friendly to her. Joe and Matt discuss obtaining a gun to frighten the dog preying on the sheep. Amos cycles to Emmerdale to ask Henry where to deliver the alcohol that he ordered but he's not in. Alison is still trying to make her mind up about buying the shop. Joe tells Carol that Jim Latimer's trial is coming up soon. Carol says she's sent her application form for her teacher training college. Andrew walks into Charlie's cottage and is shocked at the state of the place. He tries to talk to Charlie but he locks himself in the other room. Henry does his books at Alison's, he thinks about moving into Alison's if she buys the shop. Carol asks Amos for a job. When he finds out that she can cook sausage rolls, he's keen to take her on even though she doesn't want to work evenings. Charlie refuses to be helped by Dr. Scott, she wants to put him in a home. Jack's also angry with Amos when he suggests Charlie should be put in a home too. Matt borrows a gun from Barney. Henry asks if he has thought about his future. Matt tells him he won't wed again and he doesn't want to be on the board either. Jack receives a call saying that Charlie is blind drunk and asking for Jack.


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