Matt has been up all night looking for the stray dog; he wonders about Charlie's dog. Jack calls on Charlie, he has a hangover from the night before. Reverend Ruskin and Liz practice one of the hymns from choir practice. Charlie calls at the Vicarage and tells Reverend Ruskin that he can't use his privy anymore as Andrew has blocked his path. Dr. Scott arrives and Ruskin is shocked when she suggests that Charlie should be in a home. She explains that she has tried to talk to his son with little success. Annie wonders why Jack takes on all the lost causes. Charlie Nelson's son turns up in the shop. He calls on his dad with Dr. Scott but he refuses to let them in. Joe broaches the subject with Matt about having the twins christened; he feels that Annie is taking over. Dr. Scott asks Jack to help get into Charlie's house; Jack doesn't approve of Charlie's son just turning up and refuses to help. Carol confides in Annie that she is going to marry Joe, but that she hasn't even told him yet. Fred tells Reverend Ruskin that he was sent off to live with his aunty when he was five after his mum died, they are all shocked when he says that he only visited his father once in thirty years. Fred wants to put him in a home, but Reverend Ruskin wants him to give him a room at his house in Hotten. Fred refuses. Reverend Ruskin persuades him to try visiting again. Matt doesn't want to rush into getting the twins christened. Charlie has bought supplies from the shop. Sam sees him pushing his groceries in a wheel barrow. Jack wants to know why there is such a feud between everyone and Charlie but they all avoid the question.


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Charlie Nelson: "I cannot go t'privvy."
Edward Ruskin: "Well, I think it's the doctor you want, not me, in't it?"

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