Tempers flare in the Sugden household as Dolly snaps at everyone on Matt's behalf, and Jack takes his anger out on Jackie. Meanwhile, Caroline tries to forget the night before.


Mike asks Jackie if Sandie has a boyfriend. He then asks if she's going to the party, he says she's not. Annie is cheered up after getting a letter from Joe. Annie drops Sandie off at work. Caroline opens the curtains in the office as Alan has a hangover. He apologises about the night before, Caroline tries to evade his explanation. Matt is slightly annoyed by Jackie's sleepiness. He gets Jackie to go home. Seth presents a money-making proposition to Caroline and Alan. Mike wants to buy a new car after selling Archie his van. Emmerdale Farm Ltd. discuss the post-natal unit and the pasteurella infection going around the flock. Dolly is disappointed with the decision against building a natal unit and makes her thoughts on the rest of them clear. Jack snaps at Jackie and Pat has a go. Jackie storms out.


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