Alan has a row with his ex-wife Jill and later drunkely makes an unreciprocated move on Caroline. Meanwhile, Jack is disappointed with Pat's inability to trust him again.


Jock is fuming when Alan orders him to clean up one of the hold unused rooms, and is left even more angry when Seth tells him not to complain. Pat and Jack wonder why Jackie and Alison's relationship failed. Alan is furious when Jill's solicitor forwards a message that Jill is "inconvenienced and distressed" by Alan's property still around the house. He has a heated phone call with Jill but they arrange a time for Alan to pick up the rest of his stuff. He gets Caroline to cancel an appointment with the vet. Henry is annoyed by Amos's attitude to the NY Estates employees. Alan is downbeat after getting the rest of his things. Caroline doesn't think Alan and Jill's divorce settlement is fair. Dolly convinces Matt to fight more for the sheep unit. Mike tries to ask Sandie out but fails. A drunken Alan tries to make a move on Caroline but she rejects and rushes for the door. Pat is suspicious of Jack not spending time with her and needing to go out and suspects he's still seeing Karen. She tells him it'll be a long time before she can trust him again.


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