As Edward, Andrew and Clare try to help Charlie, his dog escapes. Henry tries to shoot him, but Bruce can't get back into the house.


Charlie is unable to answer the door to Reverend Ruskin due to his twisted ankle. Reverend Ruskin leaves to get help from Andrew and they break in. Charlie is ungrateful when Andrew offers to replace his locks. Ruskin goes off to get Dr. Scott. In his absence, Andrew offers Charlie five hundred pounds to buy his sitting room but Charlie refuses. Andrew tries to talk to him, but Charlie is thoroughly unpleasant. Bruce escapes through an open window. Sam is preparing the picnic for the Scarborough trip. Henry phones the farm and talks to Joe, congratulating him on something. Joe doesn't look happy. Dr. Scott has a look at Charlie's ankle; she has to cut off his boot. Jack sees a sheepdog roaming around. Dr. Scott bandages up Charlie's ankle; he is going to be laid up for at least a fortnight. Dr. Scott wants an x-ray of his foot to be sure that he hasn't broken anything; she worries again about him being on his own. Henry looks out for the stray dog; he has heard from Alison that Joe is engaged. Joe is in a mood with Carol. They row in front of Sam and he tells her that he doesn't want to be pushed into anything and he doesn't want anyone to know. She tells him again that she loves him but she realises that he just wants to move into Hawthorn Cottage with her, but doesn't necessarily want to get married. Jack walks in on their row. Carol apologises for jumping to conclusions and tries to leave. Jack asks her not to go which leads to a row between him and Joe. Jack receives a phone call from America. Henry shoots at the dog but is unable to hit it. Bruce can't get back into Charlie's.


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