Carol stops Joe from potentially killing Bruce, instead finding him injured and takes him back to the farmhouse. Believing he is the sheep killer, Henry thinks the dog should be put down. However, Clare points out that Bruce couldn't have killed the sheep because his teeth are in poor shape.


Matt packs the landrover ready to go to Scarborough. The weather doesn't look good. Annie, Sam and the twins go with him. Carol arrives to help Joe, but he doesn't want to speak to her. Joe finds an injured dog and is just about to shoot it when Carol stops him and the dog runs away. Charlie wakes up and can't find Bruce. Andrew calls round with a cup of tea. Charlie isn't grateful for his help. Dr. Scott tells the Ruskins that she has persuaded Fred to take his dad to Hotten General to have an x-ray on his ankle. Henry has done the milking and makes breakfast for himself and Jack. Joe brings the injured dog back to the farmhouse. Henry confirms that it is the dog he shot at and thinks that he should be put down. Jack takes him back to the millhouse after explaining to Carol that once a dog has started killing he won't stop. Jim Gimbel phones Henry and tells him that he has had two more lambs killed, making it clear it can't have been the injured dog. Charlie worries about Bruce. Fred arrives to take him to hospital but they row and Dr. Scott has to persuade Charlie to leave for the hospital. Andrew sneaks into Charlie's house hoping to have a look around; he meets Dr. Scott there and flirts with her. He tells her that he has two boys and an ex-wife to look after. Dr. Scott visits Jack at the millhouse; she finds Bruce there and tells Jack that there is no way that he could have killed the sheep as his teeth are in such bad condition.


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