Sam has a funny turn and Annie calls in Clare, she diagnoses him with sunstroke. A search for Fred and Charlie leads the searchers to Fred in his crashed car but no sign of Charlie.


Matt is back from Scarborough; he has had a good day. Dr. Scott and Ruskin are waiting for Charlie at his house. She's worried because Fred drinks. Sam has a funny turn. Annie calls Dr. Scott. Annie is upset because Jack hasn't helped on the farm while they have been off for the day. Henry feels guilty about about shooting Charlie's innocent dog. Jack wants to know what the skeleton is in Charlie's cupboard; he knows that he won't get anything from Annie. He and Henry decide to go to Fred's house. They find the house empty and a neighbour tells Jack that Fred's wife has now left him and gone to live in Newcastle. He thinks that Fred has probably hit the bottle. Carol tells Joe that she is going to Majorca for a fortnight, she asks Joe to go with her, but he refuses and she is upset. Dr. Scott examines Sam and diagnoses sunstroke. Henry and Jack look for the Nelsons and discover Fred has been in a road accident, yet Charlie is nowhere to be found.


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