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Part One: It's New Year's Eve and at B&B Nicola's soirée for fellow councillors is well underway and the alcohol is flowing freely. Nicola hopes to grease the wheels she needs to for her mayoral campaign. When Trevor, the chairman of Hotten District Council, asks about food, Nicola orders Jimmy to call the kids downstairs to serve the canapés. Meanwhile, Cathy, Heath, and Angelica make their way to Hotten in Wendy's car. Cathy brags about how easy driving is so Heath encourages her to go faster. At the Hide, Amit apologises to Jai for lying and for running away when Rishi died but reiterates he didn't push Rishi down the stairs. Jai doesn't believe him and orders him to stay away for good. Rhona and Mary discuss the situation with Ivy. Mary tells Rhona that Marlon is worried she'll get too attached to Ivy and is only trying to protect her. She urges Rhona to sort this out before Ivy ends up driving them apart. As a stressed Nicola runs around the B&B kitchen, she receives a text from Jimmy informing her there's no sign of the kids upstairs so he's gone over to Victoria Cottage to fetch them. Wendy informs Bob the hospital has rung as she's needed to cover a shift but she can't find her car keys again. The New Year's Eve party at The Woolpack has turned into an impromptu engagement party for Belle and Tom. Belle is surprised to learn Tom has posted about their engagement on social media without consulting her, whilst Charity does her best to put on a brave face following recent events. Jimmy can't find the kids. Wendy discovers her car is missing. Bob recalls Cathy was acting shifty earlier but can't believe his daughter would take the car. However, his fears are proved true when April confirms Cathy and Heath have stolen the car and gone to the party in Hotten with Angelica. Bob and Wendy jump in Bob's car in and chase after them.

Part Two: Nicola talks up her council accomplishments to Trevor but the conversation is interrupted when Brenda informs them that Cathy, Heath, and Angelica have stolen Wendy's car to go to a party in Hotten. Marlon voices his worries to Paddy about how it'll break Rhona when she needs to hand Ivy back. Rhona appears so Paddy sends them into the backroom to talk. Cathy drives in the pitch black along backroads as there's of less change of meeting a police car. Angelica comments there's no chance they're going to be pulled over driving this slowly. After Cathy becomes distracted talking to Heath, she has to swerve to avoid an oncoming car. Despite this, Heath urges Cathy to put her foot down as he wants to get to the party. Aaron and Mack split the proceeds of selling a stolen car. Mack wants to get back to the pub to see Charity but Aaron suggests they steal another car instead. A tipsy Charity wishes Ryan a happy birthday. Chas is concerned by how hard Charity is hitting the booze. Bob and Wendy search for the kids. As they're driving along Weatherton Road, they spot a crashed car in a field up ahead. It's Wendy's car. Wendy rushes out to check on the kids whilst Bob remains in the car paralysed with fear.

Part Three: Cathy and Angelica have managed to escape the crashed car but there's no sign of Heath. Whilst Wendy tends to the girls, Bob heads towards the car and finds an unconscious Heath slumped in the backseat and shouts Wendy over. Wendy examines Heath and declares they need to get him out of the car. Bob doesn't think they should move him but Wendy insists they need to so they can start CPR. Cathy and Angelica watch on helplessly. Rhona explains to Marlon that she's just trying to do what's right for Ivy. Marlon knows that but fears it will all end in tears and he's also worried the effect the situation will have on Leo and April. Rhona knows how much she's asking of her family, but insists she needs to do this, stating Ivy is her child and she feels just as maternal towards her as she did for Leo when he was born. Marlon recalls how Rhona was there for him after the stoke no questions asked so how can he not do the same for her and Ivy. Rhona thanks him and the couple kiss. Suzy pops into Smithy Cottage to wish Mary a happy new year. After Mary confides in Suzy about the situation with Ivy, Suzy suggests they go out for a drink next week. Mary states she'd love that. Is there something brewing between the pair? Whilst Wendy performs CPR on Heath, Bob pleads with his son to stay with them. However, Wendy realises it's hopeless and Heath has gone. Bob wails. At the pub, Chas proposes a toast to Belle and Tom. Tom then makes a brief speech promising the Dingles he loves Belle and will take good care of her. As the countdown to midnight begins, Mack arrives at the pub just in the nick of time and he and Charity kiss in the new year. Meanwhile, an ambulance arrives at the crash site and paramedics rush over to tend to Heath but it's too late. Angelica hugs Cathy to comfort her whilst Wendy does her best to support a heartbroken Bob.

Part Four: Jimmy, Nicola, and Brenda nervously wait for news on the kids. Mack apologises to Charity for turning up late and the pair kiss passionately. Sam is missing Lydia. Mandy dances to Beyoncé's Single Ladies and suggests Paddy follow the lead and "put a ring on it". Suzy arrives at the pub and informs Marlon and Rhona about the kids joyriding in Wendy's car. Marlon worries about April but Suzy assures them she's safe at home. Jimmy and Nicola rush to the hospital and are relieved to find Angelica is fine other than a few cuts and bruises. A few rooms away, Brenda and Eric visit Cathy. Wendy explains Cathy is okay physically but she's in shock. When Brenda asks about Heath, Wendy points her towards Bob. A sombre Bob breaks the news to her that Heath is dead. As Brenda weeps, the pair cling to each other for support. At Mulberry Cottage, Jai and Laurel lay on the couch. Jai makes a New Year's resolution to spend more time with her and the kids. However, the mood is soured when Jai receives a text from Amit wishing him a happy new year and telling him he hopes they can resolve things. At the hospital, Bob and Brenda sit in shock. Bob explains the doctors think Heath died on impact. They tried CPR but he was already gone. As the party at the pub winds down, Tracy receives a text from Nate informing her there's been an accident in Connelton and the roads are blocked. Chas comments she hopes it's got nothing to do with the kids going joyriding. With Nate away, Caleb suggestively offers to walk Tracy home. Tracy orders Caleb to leave her alone. Rhona receives a call from Nicola informing them about the crash and that Heath has died. Marlon, Rhona, and Mary are in shock and wonder how they'll break the news to April. At the hospital, Jimmy and Nicola offer their condolences to Bob and Brenda. PC Brent approaches and explains crash investigation officers are at the scene trying to establish what happened - they'll need to interview Cathy and Angelica tomorrow at the station once they've been given the all clear. Brenda queries how much trouble the girls are in but PC Brent can't say. After PC Brent leaves, Wendy encourages Bob to go and sit with Cathy but Bob can't face it as he blames her for Heath's death.


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  • Final appearance of Sebastian Dowling as Heath Hope.
  • This episode was made available to stream on ITVX at 7:00am on the morning of transmission. In terms of transmission, this one-hour New Year's Day episode was shown at the earlier time of 7:00pm.
  • Mark Lisbon is credited as the Stunt Co-ordinator on this episode with Belinda McGinley credited as a Stunt driving double.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 4,167,000 viewers (30th place).