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Part One: Charity catches Oscar stealing wine from the back of the shop van and demands he hands it back. Oscar drops the bottle and walks off leaving Charity to face the blame for stealing so she takes a bottle anyway. Jacob is adamant that if Leyla can't handle him and Victoria being together, he doesn't want her in his life. Cathy tells Brenda that Bob wishes she was dead instead of Heath. Oscar finds Charity to the rear of the pub and demands a bottle of wine in exchange for not telling Eric about her stealing. Gail arrives and is panicked to see Charity and Oscar together. Charity is shocked to learn Oscar is Gail's son, and even more so when Oscar tells her she's his grandma. Charity insists she's not as she's not Gail's mum but she's left stunned when Oscar reveals Ryan is his birth dad so he's her grandson. Victoria moans to Amy about Leyla, unaware Leyla is behind her and has heard everything. Kim tries to persuade Lydia to return to work but Lydia refuses. Charity is stunned to learn that not only does she have another grandson, but that he's recently had a stem cell transplant as he has aplastic anaemia. When Gail asks Oscar why he's here, Oscar realises his mum Sophie has lied to keep him apart from his birth family. Brenda informs Bob she's arranged to meet Charles tomorrow to discuss the funeral. Afterward, Brenda asks Bob if he told Cathy that he wishes she's died instead of Heath. Bob explains Cathy asked him that after he caught her bullying Angelica and he didn't deny it. Brenda insists he's got to tell Cathy that he doesn't wish she'd died. Bob knows. After Gail returns from dropping Oscar home, Charity demands to know why she and Ryan kept her grandson a secret from her. She states Ryan has been back in her life for five years and there's not been one mention of Oscar. Charity takes this as confirmation that Ryan views her as a useless mother and storms off.

Part Two: Gail fills Ryan in on what happened earlier and explains Charity thinks they didn't tell her as she means nothing to them. At Jacobs Fold, Charity is struggling to cope with learning about her secret grandson on top of Harry's death. Leyla visits Eric and confronts him about forgiving Victoria. Eric states he believes Victoria loves Jacob and vice versa and questions if this is worth losing her son over. Kim asks for Sam's advice on winning Lydia's friendship back but Sam isn't sure she can. Jacob pops into the Hide to see Victoria. Moments later, Leyla walks in and apologises to the couple, explaining Eric has made her see things differently. Gail and Ryan find Charity sitting on the sofa at Jacobs Fold in a world of her own. Ryan apologises for not telling her about Oscar sooner but Charity is still hurt. Gail is fed up of Charity making this all about herself so rants that she's an attention seeker and insists that Ryan not telling her about Oscar doesn't mean he doesn't care about her. By the end of Gail's rant, Charity is nearly in tears and Gail begs her not to hate her. Ryan assures Charity she's a great mum and they all make up. Afterward, Gail tells Charity they're going to need her help with Oscar and his mum but Charity isn't sure they will after the way Gail stood up to her. Sam tells Lydia about his conversation with Kim. Lydia insists Kim can do what she wants as it won't change anything. Cathy asks Bob if she can go to the meeting with Charles but Bob isn't sure it's a good idea. Cathy again reiterates she wasn't the one driving but Bob isn't convinced. Victoria brings Leyla a slice of cake as a peace offering. Leyla warns Victoria that if she hurts Jacob, she'll hurt her. She then stabs the cake with a fork and walks off. Gail is troubled by Charity reaction earlier and wonders if she's struggling with killing Harry. Ryan doesn't think so but Gail isn't so sure. At the same time, Charity burns the newspaper with the article about Harry.


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  • This episode was shown at the slightly earlier time of 7:00pm to accommodate FA Cup football coverage which was shown immediately after this episode.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 4,537,000 viewers (21st place).