Charlie is found and Fred is treated in hospital. Annie reveals that Charlie let his wife die, which is why she is sour toward him.


Charlie is still missing and Fred is in hospital. Jack is trying to get Bruce to eat, but he is pining for Charlie. Joe asks Jack's advice about Carol and Jack tells him to let her go. Dr. Scott tries to make Sam feel guilty about his bitterness towards Charlie; she asks him and Annie to forgive Charlie for whatever he has done. Matt is deep in thought in The Woolpack. Amos asks him about his trip to Scarborough. PC Hallam tells Reverend Ruskin and Matt that Charlie has been found - Fred dumped him at Springfields Nursing Home. He receives a phone call telling him that Charlie has run away before he turns up in The Woolpack. Annie tells Dr. Scott that Charlie's mother claimed to cure people. She says that Charlie claimed that he had the gift and when his wife, Annie's best friend, caught TB he would not let her go to hospital, but treated her himself but she died so she has never forgiven him. Dr. Scott tells Charlie that Jack wants to install a telephone for him. Matt is undecided about a memorial for Peggy; he has decided to plant a sapling in the churchyard. Joe sees Carol off at the bus stop.


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