Sandie leaves for work in the morning, catching the bus from Connelton Road. Derek, Keith, and another one of his associates wait for the security van to pull up at Home Farm. They use the cattle in the field to block the road, bringing the van to a halt. Covered with stocking masks, Derek and his associates ambush the truck, threatening to blow it up with gelignite if the drivers do not open the doors. The drivers comply and open the doors, and one notices Sandie hurrying away. The robbery is a success and Derek and his associates run into the woods. Meanwhile, at The Woolpack, Harry sets up an alibi. He makes his presence known by sitting in an obvious place, and argues with Donald. Later, Sgt. MacArthur interviews the drivers. One of the drivers points out that he saw a woman running away from the scene. He begins to worry and hopes the police will find the witness before the criminals do.


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