Joe is in a coma following the crash, whilst Henry has a broken leg. Henry thinks by the way Joe was driving, that he was drunk.


Tom taunts Ruth about the accident pretending that Jack was involved. Peggy and Sam wait at home for news. Annie and Jack return and tell the family that Joe and Henry are both seriously ill after crashing their cars into each other. Joe is in a coma and has broken his right arm and some ribs while Henry has a broken leg. Both families are upset. Peggy and Jack fall out over Henry. Jack helps Matt on the farm. Matt tells Peggy he won't be going to the interview in Bradford now Joe's been involved in an accident. She isn't pleased. Marian anxiously waits for news at Inglebrook House. Peggy discusses Matt making excuses to not attend the interview with Annie, she suggests she should see if they can postpone the interview. Jack decides to hire Tom Merrick. Peggy catches Amos gossiping about the car accident and Joe drinking. Peggy rings Latters to say that Matt won't be able to make the interview due to a bereavement, but is disappointed when they won't postpone it. PC Ball asks Amos if Joe had been drinking in The Woolpack. Amos and PC Ball have a debate over the beer and end up drinking all a customer's ale. Marian visits Henry in hospital, he says Joe was to blame for the accident as he swerved into their drive as he was about to leave. He wonders if Joe was drunk.


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