Errol Michaels is a homeless man who resides in a park where Bob Hope, having left home without telling his family , is selling ice-cream. Bob later talks to Errol about his problems at home, and Errol tries to persuade him to go home, or he would regret it, like Errol now does having left home 18 years before. Errol seems often to appear out of nowhere. A few days later, Bob's wife Viv is celebrating her 50th birthday in a park, and Errol persuades an unknowing Bob to go to that park to sell ice-cream. When Viv sees Bob, she runs off, and Errol tells him to go after her. Viv rejects Bob and returns to Emmerdale. Errol and Bob then follow her and he gives Bob some advice. He then says he will walk home, and after saying their goodbyes, Bob turns round, but Errol had disappeared.

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