Ethan was Aaron Dingle's cell mate whilst he was imprisoned at HMP Hotten in 2017.

Aaron first meet with Ethan in their cell where Ethan jokingly threatened Aaron. Ethan asked Aaron for photos of his girlfriend, but Aaron didn't have any, so Jason gifted him the January page of his calendar featuring a scantily clad woman, unaware Aaron is gay. Ethan introduced Aaron to fellow prisoner Jason and Aaron stepped in when Jason directed homophobic abuse towards another prisoner. When they returned to their cell, Ethan asked Aaron why he stuck up for the puff. Aaron lied his brother was gay and Ethan explained he didn't like the homophobic abuse either as his best friend is a lesbian, but life was different behind bars.

The following week, Ethan was shocked when Jason revealed Aaron is a gay man and he began acting hostile towards him. After Aaron was beaten up by Jason, Ethan offered Aaron a drug called Spice. Aaron initially refused it though soon began to smoke it. To get more drugs, Aaron began to work for Jason despite Ethan's warnings that if he was caught, his appeal had no chance.

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