Evan Fletcher was the first husband of Jessie Grant and the father of Billy Fletcher.

According to Jessie, he was a really good cook and loved picnics. Evan died out of the blue, devastating Jessie who wasn't ready to say goodbye. After her husband's death, Jessie rushed into marrying another man with whom she had a second child, however, Jessie never got over her first husband and kept his ashes by her bedside. In late November 2018, Jessie finally scatters Evan's ashes and decides to move on with her life. Billy's half-brother, Ellis, reveals this to Billy in January 2019, making Billy furious that she did it without him. 

In March 2019, after Billy is the target of racism Jessie recalls how when she met Evan and says that it didn't matter to their families that he was white and she was black but confesses that they suffered abuse from people around them. 

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