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Emmerdale is famous for its hugely dramatic exit storylines. These characters have made some of the most famous, memorable exits from Emmerdale,

  • Kim Tate (Episode 2473 (19th January 1999)) – Kim and her husband Steve Marchant stole a horse, intent on selling it as they had cashflow problems. As they were driving away from the scene, Steve ran over Kathy Glover. While in hospital, Kim convinced Kathy that Steve had not stopped his vehicle when he had hit her, in order to make her husband seem to be the villain – even though she helped to plan the theft of the horse. On the day of trial in January 1999 with the lawyers questioning Kathy's validity as a witness for Steve's hit-and-run crime, Kathy questioned how true Kim's words had been. For this and numerous other crooked tricks, the police were soon on her trail. She confronted Chris Tate to get money as a means of escape and knocked him out savagely with a paperweight when he would not comply. She left with her son James in a helicopter never to be seen again. The pilot asked her if she was Kim Marchant and with her final words on the soap she replied, "No, it's Kim Tate".
  • Sarah Sugden (Episode 2789 (16th November 2000)) – Sarah was married to Jack Sugden but had been having an affair with their lodger Richie Carter. Having fallen in love with Richie, Sarah told Jack that their marriage was over and that she was in love with Richie. Jack kicked Sarah out of the farm on which they lived and told her she was never going to see her three children Robert, Andy and Victoria again. Jack was also in serious debt and Andy overheard him saying that it would be good if something caught fire so they could claim on the insurance. After hearing this, Andy went out with a lighter and box of matches and set the barn on fire but was unaware that his adopted mother Sarah was inside with Richie ending their relationship. Richie got out alive but Sarah was trapped inside the barn when it exploded and was killed.
  • Tricia Dingle (Episode 3623/3624 (1st January 2004)-Episode 3630 (8th January 2004)) – After discovering that her husband Marlon Dingle had a drunken one night stand with his cousin Charity Tate whilst she had been in India, Tricia left Marlon and intended to leave Emmerdale. She was planning to leave on New Year's Eve 2003, the same night as the Emmerdale storm. Upon leaving, Diane Sugden gave Tricia a letter that Marlon had asked her to give to Tricia, it was a list of 101 reasons why Marlon loved her. After spending hours in the phone box, sheltering from the horrific weather, trying to get a taxi sent to the village, she decided to give Marlon another chance and returned to the Woolpack to see him. Upon reaching the Woolpack, lightning struck a tree making Tricia trip and a second bolt struck the roof of the Woolpack, making it collapse onto a helpless Tricia. She was found under the rubble by Diane and Marlon and taken to hospital in a helicopter. She was put on a life support machine until Marlon finally decided to let her go after realising that there was no hope of her recovering. She died on 8 January 2004.
  • Charity Tate (Episode 3987 (1st March 2005)) – After Sadie King tricked Tom King into believing Charity was having an affair with Cain Dingle, Tom called off his and Charity's wedding. Despite discovering the lie, Tom was unable to convince Charity that they should reconcile. Charity wanted revenge for what Sadie had done, which she got by sleeping with Jimmy King. She made him realise what Sadie was like and filmed them together. She got him to confess that Sadie set her up. She went to visit Tom, taking the tape with her and played it to him and his family. Sadie went for Charity so Charity punched her and said an emotional goodbye to her daughter Debbie Dingle and left, despite an emotional plea from Tom. Charity returned in 2009 with a son, Noah.
  • Zoe Tate (Episode 4159/4160 (22nd September 2005)) – Zoe was standing trial for the attempted murder of Scott Windsor but was found not guilty after it transpired that Scott had threatened witness Paddy Kirk. After Sadie King blackmailed her into selling her Home Farm, she took revenge by blowing up the house. In her final scene, she waited in a car in front of the house, waiting for the explosion, then drove off and out of the soap.
  • Cain Dingle and Sadie King (Episode 4470/4471 (21st September 2006)) – The couple kidnapped Tom King, with Sadie pretending to have been double-crossed by Cain. The story took a number of twists and turns with Cain's car going over into a quarry, although it was later discovered to be empty and Cain shooting Sadie, although it was later discovered that this was faked too. As they prepared to escape by plane, Cain betrayed Sadie leaving her at the airfield and flew off over the village.
  • Tom King (Episode 4553/4554 (25th December 2006)) – Tom was murdered by his son Carl on his wedding night to Rosemary Sinclair. After a confrontation between father and son, Tom lost his balance and fell through a first floor window to his death on the driveway of Home Farm in front of his horrified wedding guests. His death sparked a long running investigation into catching his killer.
  • Matthew King (Episode 5169/5170 (16th December 2008)) - After a disastrous wedding day to Anna De Souza, Matthew drove a van straight towards his brother Carl King but swerved when Carl jumped out of the way meaning that Anna was in the firring line, Matthew hit a brick wall and went through the windscreen. He died minutes afterwards, just outside of the entrance to Home Farm, while Carl, his other brother Jimmy King and Katie Sugden watched on as Anna cradled his dead body in her arms. The next day the Kings were thrown out of Home Farm. This resulted in Mark Wylde becoming the new owner of Home Farm along with all of their other properties in the village.
  • Mark Wylde (Episode 5506 (14th January 2010)) – After a year in the show, the secrets and lies of Mark were finally exposed. His first wife, Faye Lamb, whom he never officially divorced had his only legitimate child, Ryan. In turn Ryan was unknowingly starting a relationship with his half sister, Maisie, Mark's daughter from his second wife Natasha. Because of Mark's bigamy, Natasha's subsequent marriage with Mark was void and Natasha's three children, Maisie, Nathan and Will were all legally illegitimate. During the episode which was broadcast on 14 January 2010, Mark considers suicide in the woods of Home Farm. However he is relieved of the shotgun by Natasha. Mark's subsequent words push Natasha over the edge and she appears to shoot Mark with the shotgun. The shooting was memorably accompanied by Gabriel Fauré's In Paradisum from his Requiem taken from New College Choir's album Agnus Dei.
  • Viv Hope (Episode 5817 (13th January 2011)) - When DC Nick Henshall started a fire on the row of cottages in Emmerdale, the shop and cafe went up in flames. Viv was killed in the explosion that wrecked the shop.
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