Ezra Brearly was the younger brother of Amos Brearly, the Woolpack landlord.

Ezra, who was a butcher, visited Amos in November 1983 but did not see eye to eye with Amos and he soon left Beckindale and returned to Whitehaven. He returned 5 years later in August 1988 to visit Amos. Ezra developed an allergy to meat after a dream he had but, with the help of Jackie Merrick and Kathy Merrick, Ezra was soon relieved of his sudden phobia and returned to Whitehaven.

Amos visited Ezra in 1989.

Ezra's existence contradicts previous mentions of Amos' siblings. In 1973, Amos said that his recently deceased brother Luke Brearly was his only sibling. And in 1982, Henry Wilks said how Amos' brother is dead. Ezra had never been mentioned any time prior to his arrival in November 1983.

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