Faye Clarke arrives in the village in July 1996, almost knocking down Rachel Hughes and her son Joseph Tate. Terry Woods turns the charm on Faye in The Woolpack but Faye lets him know that her boyfriend will be turning up soon, and everyone is surprised when it turns out to be Steve Marchant. Rachel and her husband Chris Tate meet up with Faye and Steve, but Faye and Rachel clash when Faye decides to have a bitchy attitude towards Rachel, leading Steve to try get rid of her as soon as possible. Faye gets bored with the village quite quickly, and takes a bigger interest in Pollard's Wine Bar than The Woolpack. That is, until Eric pushes employee Susie Wilde to the point where she quits, and spills a glass of red wine of Faye, who makes a fuss. When Chris and Rachel invite Terry and Faye over, Faye realises that she didn't need to fear Rachel taking Steve from her and becomes nicer towards her. Faye also gets off to a rocky start with the Dingle family, accepting their kind offer of a lift but she is horrified to discover they are heading to a car pile-up on the Hotten Bypass. Faye decides to leave the village in August 1996 after nearly knocking down Sam Dingle (who is saved by Eric in the nick of time), causing the Dingles to crash into and break Betty Eagleton's bicycle. However, Faye returns in September 1996 to give Steve another chance. Faye is pleased when Steve sacks Rachel to rehire Faye as his assistant, and again becomes bitchy towards her, upsetting Steve. Steve ends up getting sick of Faye and sets her up by getting one of his friends to take her back to New York, which she falls for.

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