An unnamed fire officer investigated the fire at Home Farm in December 1996, which claimed the life of Dave Glover. The fire officer asks about the contents of Kim Tate's vanity case as the flammable liquids inside could have made the fire worse. The fire officer was also present at Dave's inquest in January 1997.

The fire officer also investigated the fire at The Woolpack in October 1998, which had been started when a candle had set fire to a paper basket, which then lit a box of fireworks. Although the fireworks belonged to Tricia Stokes, Tricia managed to get the blame put onto Terry Woods.

The fire officer was a part of the rescue team when a lorry and a bus collided on Main Street in March 2000. The firefighters were unable to cut the bus open as it could cause the lorry to fall on any remaining survivors, and resorted to climbing into the bus and cutting out certain chairs instead.

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