Frances Harper was an insolvency practitioner, based on Robblesfield Road, who looked over Emmerdale Haulage's books in March 2014. Co-owner Charity Sharma had manipulated the books as she wanted to liquidate the company to avoid paying her soon to be former father-in-law Rishi Sharma the money he had invested in the company during Charity's marriage to his son Jai. Frances told Charity the company was going under, and she was surprised the company lasted as long as it had. Charity's boyfriend Declan Macey brought up possibly pre-pack administration, which Charity agreed to and asked Frances to oversee the process. During the meeting, Emmerdale Haulage's other co-owner Jimmy King interrupted the meeting unaware of Charity's plan to screw over Rishi and Jai. Jimmy eventually agreed to sign the papers for the administration and the company reformed under the name Home James Haulage and bought all of Emmerdale Haulage's assets.

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