Frank Bernard Hartbourne is the son of Pearl Ladderbanks.

Frank Bernard - normally referred to by both names - arrives in Emmerdale having just been released from prison for raping one of Pearl's neighbours, having previously been accused by a colleague but the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence. Many villagers do not take kindly to having a rapist living amongst them, and some either shun or harass him.

When Donna Windsor has an accident on her scooter, Frank Bernard goes to see if she is all right. Donna panics when she sees him and runs to her brother Scott. He and Syd Woolfe then set upon Frank Bernard, thinking he had harmed Donna, and leave him for dead on a roadside. Frank Bernard is later discovered by Rodney Blackstock and Danny Daggert, who take him to his mother's home. He refuses to give the names of his attackers. He then decides to leave the village for his mother's sake.

Pearl brought up Frank Bernard in 2017 during a conversation with her friend and employer Rhona Goskirk, who had recently been raped by her abusive husband.

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  • The scene where Scott and Syd beat up Frank Bernard attracted 27 complaints. However, Ofcom ruled that Emmerdale were not in breach of any broadcasting codes as the scenes were edited in a careful manner.
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