Frank Blakey owned and worked at Beckindale Forge. He began dating Janie Harker in 1972 and the pair quickly became engaged and married in March 1973.

In January 1974, Frank and Janie moved to Essex where he got a teaching job.



Frank Edward Blakey was born in 1941. He went to school in Beckindale. Frank wnet to school with a Scottish girl named Morag whose father worked on the Verney Estate for about 2 years. He later became a blacksmith and moved to the forge.


Frank Blakey was once accused of selling a story to the press which besmirched George Verney. The real culprit was Jack Sugden. Frank started dating Janie Harker and Frank and Janie married in 1973. In January 1974, Frank was offered a teacher's job in Essex and he accepted. Frank and Janey left Beckindale soon after.

By August 1986 when Janie returned to the village to see her sister Pat Sugden she said her marriage to Frank was over. She said she had to face members of Frank's family while back in the village. Pat was then killed in a car crash.

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