Franklin Prescott is the husband of Diana Prescott. He was a businessman who often travelled away on business.

Franklin arrived in the village with his wife Diana in February 1974, purchasing Crossthwaite's Cottage off the recently departed Crossthwaite family. Franklin made a scene between him and Diana during their arrival at The Woolpack. Franklin asked  Henry Wilks to help Diana with the cottage as he was leaving for business, which he and Dryden Hogben did. Franklin was revealed to be a friend of Robert Sharp, and Franklin alerted Robert to the fact his daughter Christine had run away to Beckindale. Franklin also had known Henry Wilks through business in Bradford.

When Franklin returned in April 1974, Diana tries to make back lost time by going on a walk through the village with him, however he gets bored and goes back home. Franklin turned to drink and quickly became an alcoholic. His drinking causes multiple intense rows between him and Diana. Dryden then becomes concerned and warns Franklin that alcohol may kill him like Dryden's father. Franklin and Dryden begin to become friends when Dryden tries to help Franklin with his drinking. Dryden helps Franklin give up alcohol, which infuriates Diana who is angry that he wouldn't give it up for her. When Diana rejects a party invite which Franklin would have been happy to go to, a row ensues. Franklin accuses Diana of being ashamed of him, but she tells him that she is worried he will return to drinking. However, Franklin decides to go to the party anyway with Dryden, and continues to neglect Diana. On the day of the party, Franklin falls ill and tells Diana to go instead. Diana stands by him when Franklin becomes anxious about going to The Woolpack as everyone will be drinking.

Franklin is enraged to discover that Dryden had stayed with Diana whilst he was away and worries what other people would think. Diana hits back at him, telling him that he didn't care what people thought when he was continuously getting blind drunk.

Franklin admits to Diana that he feels out of place in the village and wants to move to London. She suggests if he stayed more he would feel at home, but his work keeps requiring him to travel. However, Diana later has second thoughts and the pair decide to make plans to leave Beckindale, departing a few days later.

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