PC Fred Hallam was a Beckindale police officer. He assisted the investigation into Sharon Crossthwaite's disappearance and questioned local tramp, Trash, on information he believed he had in February 1973. A few months later in September, PC Hallam searched for the missing Charlie Nelson, finding that Charlie made his way to The Woolpack after being dropped off at the Springfields Nursing Home.

In March 1974, PC Hallam noticed that Alison Gibbons had left some windows open at Smithy Cottage, and advised her to close them as there had been a recent burglary. However, he discovered that Dryden Hogben was the culprit of the burglary and had left the window open at Smithy Cottage after spending the night in there. He told PC Hallam that he didn't steal anything as he put money in the till because he couldn't find the owner.

PC Hallam got Letty Brewer's children off her abusive husband Mick in July 1974, and later deals with Dryden when George Verney complains that Dryden has been subletting the Forge

By February 1976, Hallam was replaced by Will Croft as the village policeman, and it was said that Hallam had left the village.

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