Freddie Yorke is a conman who used Viv Hope to con thousands of pounds out of donators in 2007 and 2008.

Freddie went to Viv's book launch and offered Viv a job working for his children's charity. The village raised thousands of pounds, which inclined when Ashley and Laurel Thomas lost their son Daniel in February 2008. Freddie took the money and fled, framing Viv for the act. PC Donna Windsor took it upon herself to track down Freddie. However, Viv was charged with obtaining money by deception and fraud. During her trial in August 2008, Donna had tracked down Freddie and went into pursuit. Realising she wasn't going to catch up, Donna purposefully crashed the car to delay Viv's trial, to buy her time. However, Freddie wasn't found and Viv was sentenced to imprisonment for his crimes.

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