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Gabrielle Bernice "Gabby" Thomas is the daughter of Bernice Blackstock and Ashley Thomas, the older half-sister of Dee Dee, Arthur and Dotty Thomas, and the mother of Thomas Tate.


2001-2012: Birth and early life[]

Gabby was born on the 25th December 2001. Baby Gabby was born into controversy, as no one had any idea whether Ashley or her mother Bernice's former lover Carlos Diaz was her biological father. Tests soon proved Ashley's paternity and he and Bernice reconciled, but Bernice struggled with motherhood, a struggle which made her leave the village to work on a cruise ship when Gabby was just a few months old.

Ashley lived as a single father for several years, until he began dating Laurel Potts, finally marrying her in 2005. Laurel became the primary maternal figure in Gabby's life and Gabby also gained more additions to her family with the arrivals of grandfather Sandy Thomas and cousin Jasmine Thomas and in 2007, a half-brother, Daniel Thomas. Gabby's life was thrown into turmoil when Daniel died several months later, and Laurel and Ashley were torn apart over the news that baby Arthur was actually their biological son, accidentally switched at birth. Gabby felt ignored, and began acting out after seeing her parents in constant conflict. After Arthur became a part of the family, things settled down.

When Sally Spode arrived, Gabby was always sent to her bedroom, so she could not see Laurel. At the end of Sally's scheming Gabby became upset. Laurel left and told Ashley that she wanted their children to join her for Christmas Day which Ashley agreed to, even though he was not invited. In 2010, Laurel's father Douglas Potts returned to Emmerdale and this made Gabby very happy as she and her Doug became very close. She enjoyed spending time with him and made him realize that she loved him, by giving him a painting she did at school, with Laurel, Ashley, Arthur, Sandy and herself in the picture.

2012-2015: Family trouble[]

More turmoil hit the family in 2012 when Laurel broke up with Ashley due to his abuse of Sandy. She eventually began dating Marlon Dingle, while Ashley eventually became homeless. Gabby lashed out at Marlon as she blamed him for her parents no longer being together. Further complicating matters was the return of Bernice after a decade away, now wanting to get to know Gabby. As a result, the family splintered between Laurel, Bernice, and eventually Ashley's new relationship with Harriet Finch. Gabby became a vegetarian, although she confessed to Ashley that she did this partly to annoy Bernice.

In 2015, Gabby was traumatised when a drunken Laurel picked her up from school, calling her a "bitch," and later, erroneously telling her Ashley had died after a car accident. Bernice began dating, and later married, Lawrence White, delighting Gabby, who saw the perfect opportunity for lots of expensive presents. She and Bernice moved into Home Farm, where Lachlan White roped a guilt-ridden Gabby into a revenge plot against Eric Pollard. As the year closed, Ashley began trying to spend more time with her and reconciled with a now-recovering alcoholic Laurel.

2016-2017: Troublesome teen[]

In 2016, Gabby was upset to learn Ashley had dementia. Gabby posted a sex tape of Dan Spencer and Kerry Wyatt after it was accidentally recorded on Kerry’s work laptop. This caused Kerry and Dan to be very embarrassed and Gabby was forced to clean the salon where her mother and Kerry worked as punishment. Also after Bernice refused to do Gabby's eyebrows, Gabby drew a hideous Scouse brow in permanent marker. Gabby became rebellious and started drinking. This was revealed after Ashley found vodka in a water bottle and blamed it on Laurel causing the pair to fall out. Gabby had to clean the pub as punishment. Gabby later developed feelings for Jacob Gallagher and on their first date, she told him about what her and Lachlan did to Eric and Jacob got angry and told Gabby to leave before telling David Metcalfe and Leyla Harding. David then confronted Gabby, Lachlan and their family. Jacob managed to stop David from calling the police but Lawrence took the matter of punishment into his own hands. Gabby and Jacob later made up and after convincing Jacob to steal alcohol from the shop they head down to the pavilion to play and drinking game before sharing a kiss. Eric later sees Gabby stumbling up Main Street and finds Jacob's phone by the bottle. Gabby is grounded by Laurel and Ashley and Jacob and Gabby aren't allowed to see each other.

Gabby befriends Liv Flaherty as Gabby takes Liv to town to get school clothes. After something Liv's half brother Aaron Dingle says about Liv having a crush on Jacob, Gabby is horrible to Liv because she thinks she has a crush on Jacob. They make up and hang out at Home Farm lot. Liv then tells Gabby about messages of hate she's been getting from someone pretending to be her dead father Gordon Livesy. The day before Gordon's funeral, Liv and Gabby hold a house smashing party at Gordon's house which was left to Liv to express how much they hate Gordon after raped Aaron on numerous occasions. Bernice and Aaron’s mother Chas Dingle drag them home and Gabby is sick on Bernice's shoe as she is drunk.

In early July 2016, Jacob and Gabby went round to Mulberry Cottage and got drunk by drinking far too much vodka. Jacob pulled a condom from his bag. They nearly went upstairs and had sex but got caught in the act by Laurel. An angry Laurel dragged them both round to Home Farm and told David Metcalfe and also Leyla Harding to meet her there. Bernice laid down the law to both off them. She said that they are only allowed to see each other at school, they are no longer allowed to chat with each other over the Internet and the are not allowed to go out together again. Jacob tells Leyla that he got the condom from David's wallet, so she has a look in his wallet and pulls out six condoms. Leyla is initially angry at Jacob but is happy that he was going to have safe sex. Then Gabby revealed to everyone that Laurel hurt Jacob by showing everyone that Jacob has bruises on his arm.

In September 2016, Gabby's younger sister Dotty was born. Laurel discovers Gabby has been bunking off school to see Ashley at the daycare centre and Gabby and Laurel have a heart to heart. Gabby and Liv steal alcohol from the village hall and skip school. A drunk Gabby streaks across the Cricket Pavilion field, taking all her clothes off, with Liv filming her and sending the video to their friends. Gabby collapses at home and is taken to hospital with suspected alcohol poisoning, but is later sent home. Gabby is bullied online because of the video. Laurel tells Gabby and Arthur that they are looking at full-time care for Ashley following a stroke he has, which upsets Gabby, but she decides to make Christmas special for Ashley. Gabby looks after Ashley on her own but she fails to realise that Ashley needed to use the toilet. Ashley's carer, Will, tells Gabby that Ashley is getting worse and Gabby promises to tell Laurel, however, Gabby lies and tells Laurel that Ashley had a good day. When Will is ill, Gabby is forced to look after Ashley and Dotty on her own, and Laurel is angry with Gabby when Ashley is found alone after Gabby had to change Dotty, but they make up. Laurel decides to move Ashley into full-time care, upsetting Gabby and Arthur. Gabby accompanies Laurel to take Ashley to his care home and Laurel reassures Gabby she can still live with her as she still sees her as her daughter. Gabby is hurt when she visits Ashley with Laurel and Arthur and sees Ashley with a woman he has developed a bond with, but Laurel reassures her. Gabby and Liv skip school with two of their schoolmates, Josh Crowther and Jamie Halstead and Gabby has sex with Josh. Laurel slaps Gabby when she finds out Gabby and Josh had sex in her and Ashley's bed. Bernice finds out about Gabby having sex from Liv, and confronts her and Laurel. Gabby reveals that she is being bullied online over it and Laurel defends her actions. Laurel takes her and Arthur out of school on compassionate leave. Ashley is diagnosed with pneumonia when he coughs up blood and Laurel is told that Ashley is not responding to treatment and that the family should start saying goodbye, which she tells Gabby and Arthur. Laurel brings Ashley home for his final days. Gabby stays with Bernice, struggling to come to terms with that Ashley is going to die, and with Bernice's support, Gabby goes to see Ashley. Gabby tells Ashley how much she loves him. Gabby wants to say goodbye to Ashley, but he passes away before she can. Gabby blames Bernice for her not being able to say a final goodbye to Ashley, but her grandmother Diane helps Gabby to make up with Bernice. Bernice plans to visit her other daughter Dee Dee and Gabby and Bernice talk to Laurel about Gabby going too. Gabby explains she needs to get away and Laurel gives her blessing. Arthur overhears Laurel and Doug talk about Gabby going away. Arthur is upset with Gabby and thinks Dee Dee will take his place, but Gabby reassures him that won't happen. Bernice returns from Australia and tells the family that Gabby has decided to stay in Australia with Dee Dee and her father Charlie.


Before Gabby is due to return home from Australia, Laurel is upset that Gabby wants to live with Bernice when she is back and confides in Gabby's aunt, Nicola King, that she feels as if she is losing Gabby. Gabby returns home with Bernice and she questions Bernice's rudeness towards Emma Barton when she welcomes Gabby home. At her welcome party, Laurel gives Gabby a family heirloom and Bernice and Laurel make excuses to why Gabby cannot watch videos of Ashley, which were destroyed by Emma. Bernice tells Gabby the reason there was an atmosphere with Emma is because Ashley witnessed Emma on the bridge during a car crash and Arthur watched a video with Ashley confronting Emma, which she destroyed. Gabby warns Emma to stay away from her family and comforts Laurel. Emma blames Laurel for leaving a prayer card of Ashley's on James Barton's grave, but it was Gabby. Gabby spooks Emma in the church by pretending she is God, but Emma finds Gabby's necklace and Gabby breaks into Emma's house to retrieve it. Gabby also finds the memory card and she and Arthur try it out, surprised that it works after being damaged and Gabby witnesses Emma and Ashley's video. Gabby and Arthur play the footage of Emma and Ashley in the church and when Emma catches Gabby, they physically fight and Gabby pushes Emma onto a stone. When Emma Barton is found dead by a viaduct, she is believed to have been murdered and Emma's son, Pete Barton, suspects Gabby and Pete attempts to talk to her. After Gabby is snappy towards Arthur and Bernice is informed of her truancy, Bernice finds Gabby drinking alcohol and Pete watches on as Bernice reprimands Gabby. Upon her return, Frank Clayton lets slip to Laurel that Gabby bought roses, assuming they were for her. After Pete witnesses the discussion, he confronts Gabby in front of her family about roses found at the viaduct with an apology note. Gabby denies murdering Emma, but left the roses for the way she treated Emma and Gabby overhears Bernice and Laurel questioning the possibility of Gabby being capable of murder. Gabby is picked up by the police when she attempts to hitchhike and with Bernice present, she is questioned about Emma's murder and she hands in the memory card with the video of Ashley and Emma. It is later discovered that Emma was actually murdered by Moira Dingle, however her son Adam took the blame and subsequently went on the run.

Dee Dee arrives unannounced in Emmerdale and reunites with Bernice, Gabby and Diane. Bernice and Gabby admit to Diane they exaggerated their life to make it seem glamorous to Dee Dee. Bernice buys Gabby and Dee Dee gifts, but when Bernice comes clean about not being rich, Dee Dee decides to return to Australia. Gabby is not happy when Bernice starts a relationship with Daz Spencer and she blackmails alcohol out of him. On Valentine's Day, Liv arranges to meet Jacob at the pavilion on Gabby's behalf and Liv tells Gabby that she is asexual, but kisses Gabby to ensure she is not lesbian. Gabby tells Liv it’s okay to like girls but Liv tells her she doesn’t know what she likes. Gabby is infuriated with Liv when she witnesses Jacob and Liv hugging and on her 16th birthday. Gabby gives Liv a henna tattoo and at her party, it is revealed the tattoo says skank. Gabby angrily tells everyone that Liv stole Jacob off her and kissed her. Liv refuses to forgive Gabby who apologies for her actions and tries to get Liv to be friends with her again. After getting off the school bus, Gabby and Liv have a fight to release their anger of each other but eventually make up after realising the fight was silly.

On 12th March 2018, Gabby and Liv go to raid Charity's alcohol stash in The Woolpack. As they are doing so, Charity and Vanessa enter and kiss on the sofa. While they are doing so, Gabby steals a vial of ketamine from Vanessa's work bag. Vanessa notices the girls' bags and the two run away. Later at the Mill, Gabby reveals this to Liv. The next day in the Woolpack, Liv spikes Lisa's drink with the ketamine, believing it to be Daz's drink. As a result of this, Lisa collapses and is taken to hospital. Zak confessed to the police that Liv was to blame and the two girls attend a court hearing on 16th April. Gabby is sentenced to community service which she completes helping out at the vets, meanwhile Liv is sent to a Youth detention centre.

In 2018, Bernice begins a relationship with Liam Cavanagh. Initially, Gabby is not happy with the relationship as she doesn't like Liam's daughter Leanna, but eventually the four of them bond as one family. In late 2019 the family are living their dreams together as Liam and Bernice are due to get married and Dee Dee has decided to move to Emmerdale but all these plans are thrown in the air when Bernice and Dee Dee deflect the village to Australia to care Dee Dre’s sick father.

In early 2020, Liam and Leanna move out of Brook Cottage as Liam has now pursued a relationship with Leyla Harding. Gabby blames Leyla and Liam's new romance as the reason Bernice has decided not to return to the village, an enraged Gabby trashes Leyla's business Take A Vow. Later in the year Leyla finds out that the vandal was Gabby, when she finds out Gabby's reasonings she takes pity on her and takes her on as her assistant at Take A Vow. Gabby tries her best to impress Leyla and is happy to fill the void left by Andrea Tate. Gabby and Leyla begin to spend even more time together away from work which annoys Liam. He steps in and tells Gabby to distance herself, out of spite Gabby decides to cause trouble in Leyla and Liam's relationship, as she sees how well Liam gets on with new young nurse Meena Jutla, she sends Meena flowers with a note which credits Liam as the sender. Liam finds out that Gabby was the one who sent the flowers and warns her to stay away from the couple, yet when Leyla walks in she thinks that Gabby and Liam are having an inappropriate relationship, and dumps Liam. Gabby tells Leyla the truth causing her to leave Take A Vow and the end of her friendship with Leanna. She then gets a job at Hide Bistro.

2021 to present[]

In 2021, Gabby was eager to impress Kim Tate and knowing Kim didn't like her son Jamie's girlfriend Dawn Taylor Gabby placed a stolen wallet in Dawn's bag causing Dawn to get fired. Gabby later slept with Jamie and when she later found out she was pregnant, she decided to keep the baby. When Kim finds out about the pregnancy she takes Gabby under her wing and moves Gabby into Home Farm, while on the other hand Jamie wants nothing to do with her or the baby. It is later revealed that Gabby has been stealing money from Kim but Gabby reveals that she was doing it because of Kim's ill health she was afraid that if Jamie was to be in charge, she and her baby would be left with nothing, Gabby and Kim later reconcile. After this Jamie hires Noah Dingle to spy on Gabby. Noah then develops an inappropriate crush on her as he invades her space. Gabby expresses her disgust when she finds out that Jamie has been spiking Kim's drinks for months, but she later decides it may be in her best interests to keep Jamie close. Diane and Laurel worry about the toll the Tate's may are taking on Gabby and call Bernice to come home. Gabby and Bernice initially struggle to bond again.

In July, Gabby attends Leanna's 18th birthday where Will Taylor tells her about Noah's invasion of her space, this causes her to be creeped out by Noah. Gabby is disappointed when Bernice never shows up for her baby's gender reveal appointment however Kim comes along instead and they find out Gabby is having a boy! That evening Gabby criticises Bernice for not coming with her but her anger soon turns to sadness as she finds out Bernice was the first to discover Leannas dead body. In August Gabby is concerned when Liv ends up covered in bruises following a night of drinking where she had a debacle with Noah, Gabby thinks this may be the aftermath of an assault considering Noahs previous behaviour however Noah is later found innocent.

In September Jamie's divorce from Andrea came through and Gabby decided that it would be in both of their best interests if they got married. Jamie was floored by the suggestion and Gabby told him to meet her later that day on a country road. Unbeknownst to Gabby, Jamie then headed off to see his ex Dawn to see if she would take him back. When Diane called up to see Gabby she found the marriage documents and expressed her concern. Gabby then left to meet Jamie on the country road, Kim and Diane followed her to convince her not to marry a man who didn't love her. Jamie never showed up so the trio went back to Home Farm where Kim got a call saying that Jamie had been in a car accident. Gabby and Kim went to the scene where Jamie's car was being pulled out of a lake. After no body was discovered Jamie was listed as a missing person.

Due to Jamie's disappearance, Kim tries to gain custody of his daughter Millie Tate, despite Millie being happy living with her mother. Because of this, Gabby becomes worried that Kim will try to take her child away from her too and plans to emigrate to Portugal with Diane and Bernice. In October 2021, on the day they are getting ready to leave the village, Gabby goes into labour and gives birth to her son. After the birth, Gabby realises she doesn't want to leave the village and only wants to leave as she is fearful Kim will take the baby from her. Kim pleads with Gabby not to take her grandson away from her. A determined Diane makes an arrangement with Kim to provide security for Gabby in the future. They agree Gabby will stay in the village if Kim gives Gabby 20% in all her assets. Kim agrees on the one condition that the baby's surname will be Tate. Gabby agrees, subsequently naming her son Thomas Tate. Bernice stays in the village and moves into Home Farm to help Gabby with Thomas.

In March 2022, Laurel runs the risk of losing Mulberry Cottage as her boyfriend Jai Sharma, took out loans in her name. As the home is very sentimental to the Thomas family and Gabby has the finances available she decides to buy the home for Laurel.

In April 2022, Bernice, Laurel and Kim all argue over arrangements for Thomas's christening, Gabby feels pitiful that Kim has little family left, so she decides to travel to Hampshire to convince Millie's other grandmother Hazel to let Millie come to the christening. Kim is overjoyed with Millies presence, Gabby is alarmed when she overhears Millie over the baby monitor to Thomas telling him that their daddy told her he would see Thomas very soon. Gabby confides in Dawn over what she heard and the pair travel to Hazel's home, they break in and are alarmed to find that the house has been left in a rush with Jamie's watch being one of the only items remaining. The pair take this as confirmation that Jamie is alive but decide not to tell Kim incase they falsely get her hopes up.

In May 2022, Gabby fears that Jamie has returned as a hooded figure was spotted in the woods at Home Farm, Jamie's watch has disappeared and a mystery baby gro stating "Daddys boy" appears. A paranoid Gabby goes into the woods with a shot gun and shoots Will believing him to be Jamie. Gabby and Dawn convince Will not to tell Kim about his shooting or her fears that Jamie has returned.

In July 2022, Gabby leaves Thomas with his babysitter Amelia Spencer. Under Amelias care, Thomas has a fall and has to be rushed to hospital. In hospital it is concluded that Gabby did not strap Thomas into his highchair properly and he tumbled out however a guilt-ridden Amelia reveals it was her fault Thomas fell as she collapsed. Gabby responds by evicting Amelia and her father Dan from Dale Head. It is later revealed that Amelia collapsed due to her being pregnant.

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"It's not fair, what about him!" - Last line spoken by Annelise Manojlovic as Gabby.

"It's only a bit of mascara, it's not a school day is it" - First line spoken by Rosie Bentham as Gabby.

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