Gary was a friend of Dan and Mark Hughes. In January 1990, Dan, Gary and Mark set up mink traps but ended up trapping the Sugdens' puppy, which was quickly freed and was fine. At Rachel Hughes's party in June 1990, Rachel secretly spikes the punch with vodka, Joe Sugden spikes it with wine and Dan and Gary spike it with other alcohols, all unaware that it's already been spiked. Rachel then collapses with alcohol poisoning. In February 1991, Dan and Gary encourage Mark to ask out his crush Paula Barker, who agrees to a date with him. However, their relationship is short lived. Dan and Gary pull a trick on Sarah Connolly by giving her a Valentines card without a name, but Sarah hears them sniggering.

In March 1992, Gary helps Mark plan his party. However, Dan and Gary invite some of their friends, who turn violent and beat Jack Sugden with a plank of wood.

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