Gary North was a notorious criminal.

Ross Barton robs Gary and he retaliates by hiring a man called Brad to gas Ross's brother Finn. Donna Windsor tries to help Ross by planting illegal drugs in Gary's house, but Gary finds them and disposes of them. Gary later threatens Donna and her daughter, April. Gary's final job is to retrieve explicit photographs from a safe in a nightclub owned by his arch enemy, Stephen. Donna and Ross attempt to get to the photos, but their plan goes wrong.

Donna Windsor and Gary North death

Donna and Garry fall from a multi-storey car park, killing them both

Stephen brutally beats Ross, while Gary forces Donna to watch. Donna goes to face Gary alone on the roof of the police station and she threatens him with a taser gun, however, North has back up, aiming at Donna. Gary threatens to harm April, saying she will be the subject of an explicit photo, and so Donna puts the gun down. Ross runs towards them and Donna tells him that she lied and she really does love him. She then handcuffs herself to Gary and jumps off the roof, killing herself and Gary.

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