PC Gary Stone is a police officer who often appears in the village when the police are called.

In July 2014, PC Stone and colleague Donna Windsor, investigated a jewelry robbery. The following month PC Stone broke the news to Bob Hope and Brenda Walker that Donna had died after falling over the side of a multi-story car park. A few days after Donna's death, PC Stone asked Cain Dingle to go down to the Police Station as a car from his garage was seen on CCTV in the in the proximity of the car park around the time of Donna's death. PC Stone showed Cain footage of his nephew Aaron Livesy and step-son Adam Barton running away from the car but Cain denied knowing who they were. PC Stone later arrived at the garage and told Cain's daughter Debbie Dingle that they had found Aaron's finger-prints in the car. PC Stone searched Aaron's mum Chas' pub and finds his drivers license but Chas' boyfriend James Barton, covered for her, saying she had no idea Aaron had been there. Whilst informing Donna's family that her daughter April will receive a large payout for Donna's death he spotted Aaron in the street but he and his colleague PC Bennett lost him. Aaron later handed himself into the police station and PC Stone interviewed him. PC Stone attended Donna's funeral.

In April 2015, PC Stone arrested David Metcalfe over a break in at Home Farm. Several months later in September 2015, PC Stone questions Home Farm owner Lawrence White after Connor Jenson made a statement that Lawrence had attacked him after he refused to sleep with him.

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