Ged was a murderer that former police officer Harriet Finch sent to prison.

Ged managed to escape prison but was caught in July 2015. He was cell mates with Bob Hope, but he beat Bob up after Harriet visited Bob in prison. Ged got Bob to get his partner Brenda Walker to smuggle a phone sim card into prison for him so that he could phone his daughter Harmony. His ex-wife banned Ged from speaking to Harmony on her 16th birthday.

After Bob was released, Harriet's boyfriend Ashley's father Sandy Thomas was gassed in Harriet's house. Harriet and Bob suspected that one of Ged's friends on the outside was responsible for it and they warned their family and close friends to stay vigilant. Bob managed to get Ged to stay away from his family in return for Harmony's mobile number. Ashley later admitted to his ex-wife Laurel Dingle that he may have left the gas on.

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