George Starkey was a lorry driver for Tate Haulage. In February 1990, returned Jackie Merrick's sweater which he had left behind at a cafe quite some time ago. George also revealed he had met a psychic woman and he dropped Kathy Merrick off in Southampton. However, Kathy's boyfriend and George's employer Chris Tate was not happy with this and banned George from taking her, but George ignored Chris. As a result, Chris sacked George upon his return. George went to Frank Tate to see if he'd do anything about it, but when Frank refused, George revealed that he knows his darkest secret. When Frank again refused to reinstate George, George told Chris the truth about his mother's death. Frank refused to give George a reference and George asked Kim Tate to get Frank to change his mind, to no avail. George retaliates by spray-painting "Frank Tate killed his wife" on The Woolpack wall, resulting in Chris attacking George. George further retaliates by writing "Who killed Jean Tate?" in big letters on the side of his truck and causing a scene at the Hunt Ball. Frank confessed to everyone about how Jean died and George left the village as he no longer had a hold over Frank.

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