Gerald Taylor is the director of Ephraim Monk, the brewery that owns The Woolpack. In January 1995, Alan Turner met up with Gerald to discuss plans for The Woolpack, but Gerald wanted Alan to bring someone else in to manage the place. Gerald insists Alan brings in a manager but Alan is insistent that he can run it himself. Regardless, Gerald hires Terry and Britt Woods to run the bar, angering Alan. Gerard attends The Woolpack re-opening in February 1995. He chats up Tina Dingle but is horrified to learn that she is a schoolgirl.

In April 1995, Terry tells Gerald for a new bar as The Woolpack is rather dull, and Gerald retaliates by telling Terry that Britt is the only reason he has a job. During a meeting with Britt, they begin flirting with each other, but Britt realises that he is trying to encourage her to cheat on Terry, and storms out. In August 1995, Gerald invites Britt and Terry to the brewery awards dinner, but Alan disallows both of them to go and an unimpressed Terry is forced to stay behind. Britt chats up Gerald in order to ensure that their move to The Bell of York is secured. Gerard and Alan begin making arrangements for replacement managers and Jan Glover applies for the job with her husband. However, Gerald and Alan insult her, as they wanted someone more like Britt. In December 1995, Britt decides to move to York alone and Gerald gets a whack in the face from Terry when Gerald walks into the room with a bottle of champagne. Gerald shouts after Terry, telling him he's finished.

In February 1996, Terry enters a dance competition with Viv Windsor and discover Gerald is a judge. Gerald gives them a low score however they manage to advance to the finals. Gerald begins to wind Terry up and Viv "accidentally" tips a pint over Gerald. Later that day, Gerald shows Colin and Margi Latimer around The Woolpack as potential new managers. Alan walks in on Gerald hitting on Margi and forces him to leave. In July 1996, Gerald turns up unexpectedly and begins taunting Terry about Britt, who gets revenge by spiking Gerald's drink. When Gerald tells Terry that Britt is married to him and pregnant, Alan throws him out, threatens to tell Britt that he attempted to move his mistress Margi into The Woolpack and tells him their deals are off.

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