Gerald Tompkinson was Lawrence White's private doctor.

In November 2014, Lawrence phoned Gerald after faking a heart attack to get back at his daughter Chrissie's fiancé Robert Sugden's during his memorial for his dead mother Sarah. Gerald checked Lawrence over and assured Chrissie that Lawrence did not have a heart attack.

Lawrence again called Gerald after he felt light headed and feel over during Debbie Dingle's hen-do in August 2015. Gerald asked Lawrence if he had taken any drugs or alcohol but Lawrence insisted he has only taken his prescribed heart medication. After an inspection of the pills, Gerald informed Lawrence that his medication has been tampered with and he had taken some kind of stimulant. He ordered Lawrence to go to hospital to be properly checked over.

In November 2015 Lawrence called Gerald out to look at his fianceé Bernice Blackstock's wrist after she fell off a tandem bike.

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