Gerald Verney was the nephew of George Verney and the husband of Charlotte Verney. Gerald spent some of his early childhood in Beckindale while his father was fighting in the war, before relocating down south.

When George passed away in September 1978Miffield Hall, as well as a few belongings, were sold. Gerald had a disagreement with the Sugden family over who owned the top field of Emmerdale Farm, after Matt and Dolly Skilbeck found a surveyor in their top field. Henry Wilks gets a solicitor but was informed the top field doesn't appear on their deeds. Henry found that they may be able to claim right of ownership, but it depended on how much Gerald needed the money - and Henry had heard that Gerald was in a financial fix. Gerald informs Amos Brearly that they had a buyer, whilst Henry discovers they would most likely win in court. However, Gerald provides proof that the top field was rented to the Sugdens, with payment being a bottle of whisky each year, and tells the family to pay proper rent, purchase it or forfeit it. He informs the Sugdens that he wants £10,000 for the field, and leaves the village.

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