Geri Cairns is Emma Cairns's daughter, born when Emma was only 13 years old.

After Emma gave birth to Geri, she left her on the doorstep of the Vet's Surgery. Emma is revealed to be the baby's mother when she faints, due to blood loss, and is admitted to hospital. Emma's father Tony Cairns tries to persuade her to put the baby up for adoption and she agrees initially but changes her mind and bonds with her daughter. Geri's father is revealed to be her sister Charlie's boyfriend, Greg Cox, who Emma had had a one-night stand with.

In August 1997, Emma took Geri and local girl Alice Bates to the park. Whilst at the park, Emma gets distracted by her school friends and Geri and Alice go missing. The whole village look for the two girls and Zak Dingle and Kathy Glover find Geri in a shed. Emma later changes her mind and gives Geri up. 

In November 1997, Emma's mother, Becky, turns up unannounced at Geri's foster home. She lies to the foster mother saying how much Emma is missing her baby but later admits she wanted to see her granddaughter. A few days later, she brings Geri home for a visit and tries to convince Emma that they should keep her, but Emma is adamant that it's her decision and that giving Geri up was best for the both of them. 

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