Gerald 'Gerry' Roberts was Lachlan White's cellmate at Skipdale Young Offenders Institute whilst he was awaiting trial for the attempted murder of his grandfather Lawrence White.

Storylines Edit

In January 2017, Gerry gave Lachlan a black eye just before Lachlan's mother Chrissie came to visit him. To keep her son's spirits up, Chrissie offered Lachlan a Porsche and a stake in the family business. When he returned to his cell after the visit, Lachlan thanked Gerry for helping out, explaining his mum would give him anything as she felt guilty for him being locked up.

Following his release in June, Gerry turned up in Emmerdale. Chrissie agreed to let Gerry stay at Home Farm for a few days after Gerry gave her a sob story about his family either being in prison or rehab. Gerry quickly worked out that Lachlan hadn't lost his virginity so arranged for him to sleep with a prostitute so he didn't show himself up when he got intimate with his girlfriend Belle Dingle. Lachlan didn't go ahead with sleeping with the prostitute though as he was distracted by being punched by Rakesh Kotecha as Rakesh broke in and stole money from the Home Farm safe. 

Gerry kept joking around about Lachlan's secret, putting him on edge. Lachlan began to worry that Gerry could reveal his secret publicly and planned to kill Gerry. Gerry went to grab a barrel Lachlan knocked over, and Lachlan knocked down a support column, causing the roof of The Grange to fall on him. Gerry survived but Lachlan murdered him by bashing him with a rock.

Legacy Edit

The Gerry Roberts Memorial Garden was named after him.

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"Anytime my man" (First line, to Lachlan White in prison)

"Come told me we were like family" (Final line, before being murdered by Lachlan White)

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