Glenda Thompson was a young woman who Joe Sugden found in a tree in one of his paddocks, taking photos of gypsy Jed's battered old truck and trailer. He initially tells her to leave as she has left the gate open but the two begin hitting it off and he invites her to a farmers social.

Joe offers to cook Glenda dinner in February 1978 but when she tells him that her manager Grant Edwards is to pick her up at eleven, he calls her a cock-teaser, which offends her. She leaves as Joe begins going off on one at her.

Glenda soon discovers that Edwards was a conman and had masqueraded for years as someone who knows a thing or two about intensive farming and has frequently left a mess behind. She then tries to help him get his job back, informing him that her father is behind the takeover bid and that she may be able to convince him.

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