Glynis Hardy was an old friend of Gloria Weaver's late husband Malcolm. In July 2001, Gloria and Glynis re-encountered each other when Glynis became a potential client for Pollard's Factory. Gloria and Eric flattered and impressed Glynis. She and Eric later met again in March 2002, and in June 2002, Glynis had the deciding vote between Eric and other councillor Morgan, and decided towards Eric. She then encouraged an affair with Eric, and Eric gave in, and eventually confessed to Gloria. But Gloria told him to keep it going in order to keep her on side. When Gloria got what she wanted, she "exposed" Eric and Glynis and fled the village after robbing Eric. Glynis later tried to have another affair with Eric in June 2005 but Eric insisted his loyalties lay with Val Lambert, and Eric and Glynis fell out of contact.

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